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9 Ways to Become a Data Analyst with Big Income

In modern times today the need for Data Analysts is still increasing. Based on data from the Bigdata Adseneca website, there is more than 1 person data analyst vacancies for various ranging from junior positions to manager positions. Generally, companies that are looking for data analysts are companies based on technology such as software, e-commerce and starUp.

As a data analyst, it is needed to manage the data of a company. In general, the job responsibility as a data analyst is to translate structured and unstructured data into a report that can be understood by company management. Later the report will be used by a management in taking future business steps.

To become a data analyst with a large income, here are 10 ways to become a data analyst with a large income:

1. Have Analytical Skills

Being a data analyst is very required to have the ability to analyze well. This kind of ability aims to study business trends in the company sector to get some data and then analyze it more deeply. The results of the analysis will be used for company management which will be a step to determine the future business.

2. Required to Have Communication Skills

A data analyst also needs to have good communication skills because the responsibility of this profession is not only to analyze data but to present data in front of management. With good communication, it will be easy for you to expose the results of data analysis that has been carried out.

3. Have Business Skills

In addition to having good analytical skills, a data analyst needs to have business skills to assess the level of business of a company. This skill can also help data analysts to see the future of the company in business.

4. Understanding Machine Learning Concepts

Both data analysts and data scientists require an understanding of machine learning. Machine learning is a method used to design programs that can learn on their own based on existing data. You know, machine learning is different from computer programs. If computer programs are static, machine learning is dynamic which is designed to be able to learn by itself.

5. Required to Understand Statistical Science

Some things that you must understand as a data analyst in statistical science such as mean, media, deviation and many more. A reliable data analyst is required to be able to interpret data both structured and unstructured.

6. Understanding Programming

A reliable data analyst is advised to understand or master programming. There are many programming languages, but you should learn SQL programming because it is more widely used to process data on databases.

7. Learn Microsoft Excel Features

Who doesn’t know with this software from Microsoft Office, you can learn the Macros and VBA features on Microsoft Excel to help your work in analyzing data.

8. Take a Data Science Class

One way to become a reliable data analyst with a large income is to take data science classes. Now there are many institutions that open big data training such as Bigdata Adseneca. In Bigdata Adseneca, you’ll learn a lot about data analysis.

9 Have Certification Data Analyst

The best way to get a big income is the presence of certification or recognition. By having a certificate, you will get added value in front of HRD. If you take training on Course-Net then you will get a certificate from Course-Net and a certification from Wiley which has been internationally recognized.

By having a certification, you have been recognized for your ability in the field of data, the company will dare to pay a high price for your ability.

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