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The Role of Big Data in the Very Important Business World

In the business world, the implementation of big data is very important because the data that enters this business is unstructured so that with the role of big data, unstructured data can be used for business operations and development. Business competition that is increasingly fierce in the digital era like today makes business people who cannot adopt technology or take advantage of the technology will be left behind.

Big data itself is closely related to large volumes of data, whether structured or not. Basically in the business the data exists every day. What must be thought about is not how much the quantity of data is but rather towards managing the data which can be useful for business development.

The Role of Big Data in the Business World

What makes this big data different is that the collection of structured and unstructured data is so large and even complex that data processing techniques that usually cannot work with these data can be carried out. Big data technology will focus on finding hidden threads, trends, and data stack patterns from companies, then the data is processed and managed so that it can open up new opportunities.

The role of Indonesian big data is important in the business world because it has high-volume, high-variety, and high-velocity properties, which means that the existing data is very abundant, there are very many varieties, can be obtained in a real-time way, and a lot of information will be obtained from the big data.

The role of big data in this business world is to understand market conditions. Market conditions will be volatile at any time so with this big data, it is expected to be able to see changes in market trends quickly. The thing that makes this market trend change is due to changing consumer purchasing behavior. In the big data business, you can also find out which products are most sold and can produce products in the future that are in accordance with trends.

Big data plays a role in controlling the reputation of the online business owned. The tools in big data can do sentiment analysis, so business people will be able to see how much feedback about who has given the company’s response. The latter role is that big data will be able to understand customers well. Big data will be able to know what customers want and provide the best service to them. By using this big data, the company will be able to minimize customer complaints and complaints.

Big Data Implementation Bottlenecks

Although Indonesian big data has many benefits, in reality there are several obstacles that make its implementation not in accordance with expectations. The biggest obstacle arises precisely from data owners where they are still struggling with data and have not analyzed. In fact, to be able to read the data accurately, this analysis is very necessary.

In addition, the next obstacle to implementation arises from the internal big data itself where the number of scientists who are able to understand big data well is still very small so that companies will not be able to make the most of it. But fortunately there are currently several credible vendors that offer big data accompanied by competent big data consultants. With the help of experienced consultants, the company will be able to use big data more optimally.

For those of you who are interested in using Indonesian big data, it would be better if you choose a big data provider vendor that is really qualified and credible so that its use becomes optimal because it is supported by qualified and experienced big data consultants as well.

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